Is Your Anxiety You More Strong

Is Your Anxiety You More Strong

If you suffer from anxiety, you are aware of how fast it can take control of the way you live. What do we say if we said it is possible to change the way you think about your anxiety? Imagine the different way your life could be even if you only do it for a few moments each day.

“Much of what I instruct my students isn’t about eliminating anxieties, it’s about about changing their attitude towards anxiety,” says Karly Hoffman King, MA, a licensed professional counselor.

“Anxiety is not either good nor bad; it’s just happens,” she adds.

Although it isn’t always easy to be able to overcome anxiety, you could learn to accept and manage it. Actually, you might even find ways that anxiety can make you stronger.

Here, five individuals share their personal experiences with anxiety and how they have used their anxiety-related issues to feel more confident.


1. Anxiety functions as a protection mechanism

“One way to use anxiety to help us become more confident is to recognize it as a signpost to our personal desires. Once we begin to recognize the places and times it manifests and when it does, we can begin to comprehend what it’s trying tell us.

It is also possible to use anxiety as a protection mechanism to stay safe. In the form of a fight or flight instinct anxiety may be your body’s method of alerting you that you’re within the vicinity of danger. The emotional risk is as dangerous to our happiness and health as physical risk and anxiety even though it’s unpleasant, it can serve as an effective internal warning system.”

2. Anxiety helps me manage my life and work

“The greatest benefit anxiety provides me is the fact that it makes me to have a better time-management and work-life balance. This allows me to be more relaxed and enjoy life more fully. I’m not able to handle the amount of work I once could due to my anxiety. It’s possible that I could using medication, but I’ve decided to go with the most natural and evidence-based techniques, and have adapted my life to manage my anxiety.

Particularly, I employ the combination of acupuncture, yoga and expressive art-making (art therapies) and I’ve been able to slow my pace. This has made me better overall and the yoga and art make me feel more connected to me. Although I’m thankful for the fact that it’s manageable however, I am also able to claim that I’m healthier due to having an anxiety disorder that has been recurring for a long time.”

3. Anxiety makes me realize that the way I feel can be excitement

“Anxiety is an effective motivator. Instead of saying , “I am anxious,’ change the wording to “I’m enthusiastic. Once you’ve established this attitude, you’ll be highly motivated to tackle with the things that make you feel anxious.

The emotions of excitement and anxiety are quite similar. If you decide to experience exuberance, you’ll get a lot.”

4. Anxiety can be a motivation for me.

“An nervous person as well as an exuberant person have similar experiences. The only difference is how they interpret what’s going on. Over the years, I battled with perfectionism, anxiety and self-pity. When I learned how to use those patterns to help people write, or writing, and focusing on self-awareness it was like something amazing happened.

What was previously terrifying anxiety was transformed into an ebullient, wide-eyed drive. Self-defeating perfectionists turned into an artistic vision. The self-hatred that was once a part of us transformed into a balance of Self-love, self-confidence and honesty. This sort of alchemy is achievable for everyone. I’ve witnessed it happen to myself and with my clients. It’s magicaland true.”

5. Anxiety assists me in managing stressful situations

“I suffer from anxiety that is severe and have been since just 15. I’d been prescribed a variety of medications before deciding to take an approach that was more natural. I’ve come to appreciate my anxiety since it has allowed me to be a success in high-pressure situations.

If most people are stressed I’ve been accustomed to having to manage constantly stress and anxiety. It’s not something new my life to find myself in. This has led me to more leadership roles and to the point that I’m not just dealing with my anxiety but assist others in dealing with their own.”

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