6 Things That You Know About Anxiety

6 Things That You Know About Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life. Humans are designed to manage an amount of stress on a daily basis.

Like stress and anxiety, a healthy amount of anxiety motivates us to try the best we can, whether that’s taking an exam, having regular checks with the doctor or contemplating the consequences of a major life-changing choice.

Everyone experiences anxiety at one point or another. However, for the most of us, the anxiety is temporary and short-term.

But, when anxiety or physical symptoms start to appear together with anxiety, it can turn into anxiety disorders.

“The symptoms can affect routine activities, such as academic performance, job performance as well as friendships,” notes the National Institute of Mental health Trusted Source that estimates that anxiety disorders cause around 19% of American adults every year.

There are many types of anxiety disorder. They can range from generalized anxiety disorders (GAD) to a variety of anxiety-related disorders. In many of these instances it’s easy to understand how the condition affects a person, particularly when it’s connected to something similar to PTSD as well as OCD.

However, high-functioning anxiety can be somewhat more difficult to spot, mostly because people suffering from the condition appear in good health. But in reality, they’re not.

“High-functioning anxiety remains a mental health issue that is chronic which has a long-lasting impact on your overall health as well as relationships and self-esteem,” says Dr. Maria Shifrin, a clinical psychologist. “Most people think that people suffering from anxiety] are working too hard or in need of a vacation, or have some other reason they attribute their pain to but in reality, they’re suffering from anxiety that is high-functioning.”

This is what it’s like to suffer from high-functioning anxiety according to four patients who suffer everyday.

1. “I’m not only worried about it. .’

“Living with anxiety disorders that are high-functioning is most likely similar to people who have other medical conditions The issue for anxiety sufferers is it is unable to be recognized. I might tell someone I’m anxious however, this is usually thought of as aspect of my personality. It’s like, “Oh you’re worried. It’s not true. not. I’m fighting an illness.” -Lynda Lynda

“I’d not really believed that anxiety was a medical condition that could be diagnosed. I was taught in my childhood as a “baby with a temper who was upset about odd things. Since I’m high-functioning, I suppose my anxiety is often manifested as anger, frustration, and even frustration.” Alex Alex

2. “Just because you aren’t able to see my condition doesn’t mean it’s not there. .’

“One thing that I struggle with the most as someone who suffers from anxiety that is high-functioning is that people, such as my family and friends effortlessly excuse when my anxiety is causing me issues, since I do not seem to have something wrong in me. I am still prone to insomnia and sleepless nights due to my excessive thinking. I continue to learn each day how a normal person is expected to react to certain circumstances. It’s a lot harder to discuss the issue in the absence of any visible signs as if you’re in pain.” -Alex Alex

“I believe there are misconceptions that high-functioning anxiety can be a bit similar to manic. For me, it’s not the case. The majority of my stress is internal. I do a great job at keeping it under wraps due to the fact that I have an entire family (and an image) to guard. People need to believe I’m managing it in a healthy way. and I usually am. There’s a huge distinction between being anxious and nervous.” -Steve Steve

“I am a professional that I love , and I have a wonderful relationship with my wife. I volunteer in my community. I’m out all over the world in the shadows, but I have an invisible health issue. Sometimes, I am really bitter and frustrated at how hard I’m working to take care of my health. I believe that a large the cause is genetic. Part of it was my family’s origins, and some of it is due to my life style.”

3. “I can’t just get out of it. .’

“There are days when I find myself feeling like a scientist testing every medication my doctor prescribes hoping that one of them will help me get back to normal. Sometimes, the medication is effective for a time, then is then stopped. A recent medication caused me to lose my libido for a few months. After turning 35, not being able to communicate to my partner sexually brings mountains of guilt on top of already a sweltering heap of guilt. Therefore, I return to the doctor’s clinic for another embarrassing visit. I explain to her exactly what my adverse consequences are. So we’re going to try a new medication. We’re hoping that we get better outcomes.” Steve Steve

“I must actively control my stress level by determining the factors that increase or decrease my energy. I’ve made significant lifestyle modifications to help support my mental well-being. I do daily meditation, and that is extremely beneficial. Also, I need to do regular physical exercise. I love bodywork, for example, massage and acupuncture. I must be conscious of getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet and avoiding caffeine. I also see counsellors regularly. I must reduce my consumption of information.” Dana Dana

4. “A good morning for me comes from being one that is conscious but not an everyday thing. .’

“For my personal experience, a positive day means that I don’t look at my phone as soon as I awake. I make sure I have 10-15 minutes to sit on my back porch. A great day is when I arrive at work on time, I do not feel the need to be embarrassed for all the little things that nobody else notices and I don’t shut my bathroom at work for 3 hours of silence. When I arrive home, I am with my family and wife take a meal, and then get between five and six hours of sleep. This is a very good day.” Steve Steve

“High-functioning to me implies that I’m productive. My worries don’t get in my way. The most important thing is that I’m able to identify my symptoms, and take action to prevent the anxiety from exploding. This could mean taking the use of an anti-anxiety drug as well as a body scan deep breaths as well as reaching out secure individuals to tell them what I’m experiencing.” -Lynda Lynda

5. “But my bad days are typical .’

“Part of the reason a day can be bad is what I refer to as an unnamed fear. You’re scared, but you do not know the reason or the cause you’re afraid of. The reason isn’t rational. You’re just nervous, scared, and nervous about something that you cannot identify. It’s hard to recover from this feeling, and it’s something I experience quite often. There are days when you’re scared and don’t know why and you have no option except look to your medication and pray.” -Lynda – Lynda

“Panic attack, terror excessive anxiety, difficulty in calming down for extended periods of time: These are my mind being in an unending state of anxiety. For me, anxiety is like continuous grinding or grating my brain. I’ve had to take a break from work, or cut down on activities during anxious moments. I’ve had to cancel activities in the last minute with family and friends due to anxiety that was just too overwhelming.” Dana Dana

6. “I’m just looking to hear your voice .’

“I’d like for my friends to show me respect and love. That’s all I truly require. If you can let me know that I am noticed by others, this can change my entire outlook. I would like people to understand that it’s my norm, and I’m not always able to calm down. While my anxiety can cause them to lose their strength and make them feel uncomfortable, it’s worse for me. Sometimes , my hands shake without reason I find it embarrassing to shake my hands for no reason. However, I’m not insane. I’m just trying to get through it.” -Steve – Steve

“Please do not take a book’s cover. You don’t know what’s happening beneath the cover. Please refrain from using terms such as “bipolar,” “worrywart,” hot mess, and so on to describe someone. It’s offensive and diminishes the effort required to become an effective and productive citizen of the world. If you’re feeling like this, not ever believe that you’re all on your own.”

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